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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Appalling WELS Statistics

 WELS and the LCMS work with ELCA
because the openly apostate are peers to emulate.

The LCA said, in their 1978 Church Growth program - aka Evangelism - that they could no longer depend on boats and babies to build up the membership. The WELS-LCMS shrinkers enjoy repeating the same lines. I even caught WELS using LCA graphics to explain why they were running out loot.

WELS photoshopped some graphics to continue the same lament, which neglects to mention the Lutheran sects abandoned the Means of Grace. Long ago and far away, Lutherans trusted in the efficacy of the Word and Sacraments.

The IT department of Ichabod has analyzed the published  WELS statistics to show how bad things are. Given the clergy's urge to bloat their own bad numbers, the following is just a hint of the WELSian reality.

Their Reported Numbers - Average Weekly Attendance -  147,959
The average attendance includes visitors, grandparents on holidays, and special services. So, it's even worse.  There are also over 300 congregations with fewer  than 50 average attendance.  That is the issue because they can hardly pay for pastor and church  - let alone for synod deluxe salaries.

Communing Membership - 285,061

Baptized Members - 357,209

I favor another denomination's attitude. Their real membership count is their average weekly attendance. They can leave names on the rolls forever, but that does not get those ghostly figures into church.

Someone should explain to the membership why WELS is deliberately dismantling old congregations that have $1 million or so in physical assets. The immediate advantage is to get cash for the sect to spend. The long-term effects?

 How is WELS different from ELCA?
I forgot.